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Mobile Help 4 U
Complete mobile support systems
for extreme event management

Mobile Help 4 U was started in 2006 by "Ty Bewley",
owner of "Poor Boy Tree Service" located in Fair Play Missouri. Over the years Poor Boy Tree Service has
responded to numerous disaster events to help clear
trees for power companies and access.

Ty recognized that in many cases local accommodations
for responding crews were very limited, damaged, or
didn't exist. It was clear there was a need for mobile
facilities that could respond to any event in a hurry.

"Mobile Help 4 U" was built as a companion/sister
company to Poor Boy Tree Service however it has
become much more and is still growing.

Think of MobileHelp4U as a small city within itself, equiped with kitchens, laundries, sleeping quarters, showers and much more. Other equipment includes large expandable tents for housing equipment or
providing eating and sleeping areas under cover.
Some trailers have generators which can be set
up in a manner so that the units without generators can be linked to those with power.
Others contain onboard fresh, grey, and black water holding tanks. MobileHelp4U is able to provide equipment and staff to handle any function or large operation. Feel free to contact for more information.
Use the links below to view images of MobileHelp4U equipment and operations
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